3 powerful tools to get you started on your Passion Based Learning Adventure...

  • 20 Exciting New Project Ideas + Links to get you started 
  • The Get inspired Guide - 3 Amazing Stories of BIG thinking students
  • A 20% discount code to use on our March 1st 2021 intake for Project Space


Ideas to get this party started...

Passion Based Learning is the MOST exciting educational model I know to comprehensively cover all compulsory aspects of the curriculum while still keeping your child engaged, happy and excited about their learning.

With this guide, you'll NEVER be fumbling in the dark again for a new project idea.

Overcome the MOST destructive excuse...

One of the biggest mental-blocks that stop young people in their tracks is the "I'm too young" story. Many kids (including my own) have been unecessarily hindered by this lie. The Get Inspired Guide is 3 simple but powerful stories of 3 young people who chose NOT to believe it.


Project Space is a complete coaching framework that guides young people through the perilous adventure of Passion Based Learning and out the other side to the place where education will NEVER look the same again!

For Summit attendees I'm making it even easier to get started with a 20% discount code off the cost of the course.