Confidently deliver a life-shaping
PBL learning experience

in just 12 weeks


(without the usual nagging, pleading and uncertainty.)

How often have we seen it?

Car 100 years ago.

Now look at the car today!

Completely different - right?

Phone 100 years ago.

Now look at the phone today!

Completely different - right?

Classroom 100 years ago.

Now look at the classroom today!

Not much has changed at all!

The world has changed.

It just doesn't make sense to do education like this anymore!

If you’re an empowered homeschooler, innovative educator or busy parent who wants set their child up for success without the conflict and stress, then you already know that you need a personalised learning plan that is driven by your child's goals and interests.

I’m sure you already KNOW that we’re moving away from a knowledge-based workforce and into an economy where critical-thinking, creativity, collaboration and other 'soft skills' are the MOST sought after qualities of the 21st century employee or business owner
(Source: ‘What Are 21st Century Skills’, Applied Educational Systems, 2019)

I’m sure you also know that your child has what it takes to make it in this dynamic new world – they just need to learn the right-skills and connect with the right-people to guide them…



Even if you’re switched on to the shortcomings of traditional education and already think outside-the-box to offer your child better learning opportunities, delivering a project-based learning experience can…


    Even if YOU know you’re giving them your best, your child won't always agree! But imagine a learning opportunity that they WANT to get involved in! They WANT to take on more work and go deeper… That’s engagement. It’s a truly beautiful thing for any parent or teacher to see.

    Project-based learning (done the right way) means your child can be loving what they do AND at the same time, be developing grit, resilience, mental toughness and self-discipline. To be brave. Willing to make mistakes. To pick themselves up and to try again. If they can do THAT, they will be able to do anything. These are the qualities they need to thrive as adults.

    The old definition of “teacher” as the “keeper of knowledge” is gone. It just doesn’t make sense anymore. Knowledge is everywhere – and free! But that doesn’t mean children no longer need guidance and structure – in fact, they need it more than ever before. A project-based learning experience takes you out of the centre and positions you as the “guide”. A wise, trusted mentor who offers wisdom and insight for the adventure that lies ahead. These are the perfect conditions for connection. You will face this challenging new world – together.

    It happens. I can recount, literally hundreds of success stories that start with passion – build with action – and culminate in a breakthrough – ushering in a ‘new normal’. A new way of seeing the world. A new perspective on what’s possible. Imagine giving your child that one, special breakthrough experience that sparks a passion and curiosity that opens their eyes to a brand new future that you have barely dared to hope for… It can happen.

Even though the reasons to pursue personalised project-based learning are clear - the process to actually deliver the experience successfully is anything but...


But where on earth do I start?

Let’s say you’re feeling brave.

You KNOW the old model is broken.

You can SEE your child’s vibrant curiosity and spark is fading each day.

You KNOW you need to do something differently.

And so you decide to go for it.

You make the decision to take on project-based learning.

You sit down with your child at the kitchen table, you write out a list of ideas together and choose one.

Alright! Let’s do a project!



Here’s why most parents and educators give up on project-based learning:

Projects by nature are extremely complex. There’s a lot of moving parts and endless opportunity for exploration. Without a structured framework to guide them through the pitfalls, mental traps and bottomless rabbit holes most parents and educators get completely lost.


Here’s why this is damaging for future learning opportunities:

To start a project-based learning experience, get lost along the way and have it turn out a disaster or (worse) fade into nothingness, is not only incredibly disheartening but also damages your credibility.

This makes the next time you offer a new learning experience to your child strained and tense.

I am all for learning from mistakes, but it is critical to protect your child’s faith in you to guide their learning. This is an experience that you NEED to get right the first time.

Fortunately for you, there are still not a lot of people out there doing it right. Sure, the concept of PBL has been around for years – but the type of life-shaping, passion-based learning experiences I’m talking about are still very rare.

This means that you have an amazing opportunity. What you and your child create together is going to not only going to blow you away, but it will stand out as extraordinary amidst their peers and fast-track them for future success.

That is… if you can avoid the rookie mistakes most parents and teachers are still out there making.




(and how to make sure yours don't!)



Most of us were brought up in school. It’s how we learned many of our foundational thinking and beliefs – and it’s how or parents learned THEIR foundational thinking and beliefs – and their parents before them… For over 100 years, for better or worse, that system has been our understanding of education. BUT – this system was designed in the industrial economy of the late 1800s. It was designed to condition children with qualities like conformity, uniformity and predictability.

Humans are not meant to be machines but at some point, we felt compelled to teach them the patterns and beliefs that WE were taught and may subconsciously still believe are part of what makes a “successful adult”

Ironically, in the tech-driven world of the 21st century, it’s embracing the ways that make us “more human” that are going to set us up for success.

It’s time to find a way to empower your kids to become the most genuine version of themselves – that special, one-of-a-kind human-being, with their own unique set of gifts, talents and interests.



Most parents and educators fall into the trap of delivering content piece by piece by piece... After all, that’s how we’re told by the authorities that we need to cover it, right? We’re told to “make sure there’s no gaps” and the last thing we want is for our kids to miss out on anything.

This conveyer-belt style of education delivery actually achieves the opposite of what it is trying to do!

We use this approach to try and cover EVERYTHING and yet their brains only retain what they deem important – so boring, disconnected content gets shredded each night as they lie on the pillow dreaming of happier things.

What’s sad is, they wake up with an intuitive knowing that it’s gone and a slowly growing resentment for all this wasted time and energy…

You need a way to offer a unique curriculum that is perfectly customised for THEM. A learning experience where all content areas are interconnected and link back to something that THEY care about.



It’s a common practice. I’ve done it.

Setting the bar low = low tension = low stress = peace. 😊

At least for a time.

Trouble is, setting the bar low to guarantee success, reinforces a ‘Fixed Mindset’. (A Fixed Mindset believes that intelligence and ability is inherent and that it will stay the same despite any efforts to change it.)

A child with a fixed mindset resists any new learning experience because, to them, it makes them feel ‘dumb’. (Fixed Mindset says; "This is hard, I must be stupid”)

Raising the bar enough to push kids out of their comfort zone so they have to stretch to achieve, will result real, meaningful learning AND reinforces a Growth Mindset. (A Growth Mindset believes that intelligence and abilities are NOT inherent. They are the result of effort and hard work.)

These learning experiences give them a powerful shot of dopamine – the reward neuro-chemical. This is the opposite of switching off!

It builds self-esteem and inspires them to try again in the next challenge.

Too hard – they get overwhelmed and give up.

Too easy – they get bored, disengaged, loose confidence and eventually, give up.

You have to find that sweet spot where learning is exciting, engaging and fun. That is when you’ll start to see the magic happening!



Anytime a parent or educator breaks away from factory-style education they have an amazing window of opportunity.

The mere statement: "We’re doing something new!" will grab your kids’ attention for sure.

But many parents have taken on project-based learning without truly understanding what’s involved. Projects are not inherently hard – they just have a lot of moving parts and potential failure points and for those caught unawares it’s likely to get messy, overwhelming and in the chaos, kids just want to give up.

At this point you’re faced with an impossible choice:

  1. Force them to complete it – hating it along the way and reinforcing the belief that learning sucks
  2. Let them give up – acknowledge its too big, too hard and reinforce the belief that quitting is OK”

You need a road map to predict and prepare for these hiccups along the way. This is essential, if you want to keep your program on track and retain your ‘new-idea’ credibility.

Shhh...  I'm going to let you in on the secret to...


The key to a successful learning experience is not about what you learn, or even how you learn it. Happy, successful learning experiences are built on a satisfying answer to the question; why am I learning this?

In authentic learning experiences, students don’t ask “Why am I learning this?”  They know why! – If I don’t learn it, its not going to fit… or work… or look good…

Today, the mainstream school curriculum is being jammed fuller and packed tighter with more and more and more of WHAT to learn.

And there’s plenty of books and guides you can find about the mechanics of HOW to learn – even for project-based learning.

But what you won’t find in anywhere else is a proven coaching process for distilling the why to learn.

The key to powerful learning experiences is not about ‘instructing’ – it’s about COACHING children to become their best.

And if it’s OK with you, that’s what I’d love to show you how to do



A complete framework to guide you as you confidently coach your kids on their new, personalised project-based, learning adventure.

I have taken everything I’ve learned from co-authoring 7 books, designing 6 unique learning programs, and participating in hundreds of student success stories spanning two decades – and distilled them into this complete learning guide that, not only shows your child how to ‘find the why’ in their learning journey, but also gives you all the resources you need to 'BECOME THE COACH' and open doors for your child’s future.


 Yes you will learn the practical aspects of how to plan complex learning tasks, how to map out your calendar and present an amazing collection of work, but more importantly you’ll have a clear coaching process to realise your child’s true learning potential.

The end result: an excited and engaged child with the learning-smarts to take them from strength to strength and into a happy and successful adult life.

"Project space has taught my son heaps about project management, learning strategies, self discipline and motivation. Overall though, it's his outlook on life that has changed the most, definitely for the better. Thank you!"






Just as the name suggests just as the name suggests, this module is everything you are going to need to set you (and your child) up for success in the exciting journey that lies ahead.

Here you'll set up the folders on your computer, grab all the basic stationary supplies you'll need and map out your calendar so you have a clear idea of how the course is going to flow.

Even if you've never run your own learning experience before in just one session, you'll develop a reassuring sense of confidence and an; “I've got this!” attitude as you build solid foundations for the modules to come.


The ‘Getting Started’ Module is simple – but powerful. The perfect start to your Project Based learning journey.

  • It’s simple. One lesson. Two downloads.
  • Tick off your Runway Checklist with all the goodies you'll need for a smooth PBL experience
  • Take 5 minutes to set up your computer with a folder structure that will save you literally hundreds of hours of time and effort down the track.

  • Introduce yourself to other forward-thinking educators from all around the world via the Project Space private Facebook community.

  • And synchronise your course calendar with your own personal calendar so you don't miss a beat along the way.




WDYTYA is a special module. You’re not going to find this in any other program. In this module you’ll feel more connected with your child (and anyone else in your Project Space group) as you explore personality traits, different intelligence types, what makes you laugh, cry, get angry and more...

 Together you will establish a vision and set clear goals for your PBL journey. Using the guides and templates you write a personal bio, create an artistic profile picture and explore your interests through collage and Mind Mapping.

 At the end of this module, not only will each of you feel connected and more self-aware, you will also be perfectly positioned to make key decisions about what your project will be. This is a really important process for multi-passionates OR students who are unsure and hesitant to move forward.


  • Based on the research of Tony Buzan, you're going to learn the key principles of effective mind mapping.

  • You’re going to use the simple Project Space ‘Writing Your Bio’ template to succinctly outline what you're all about in this project.

  • Expressing your creativity is an important key to whole-hearted living in most of life’s experiences. The courage collage unblocks some of the mental barriers to creativity and effective learning.

  • We're going to have fun! The Emoji Audit will have your whole group giggling as you share what triggers different reactions.

  • You will understand the difference between vision and goals and how to write effective statements for each.

  • You will learn the qualities of a creative, cyber safe profile picture

BEFORE this module when asked what project they would do, most kids would shrug their shoulders and give you a look that says; “What's a project?”  AFTER WDYTYA - They will be bursting with ideas!

Educators who teach PBL as just set of steps are going to miss the mark every time. You DON’T need another system for getting stuff done.

The project is NOT the important part.

Self-discovery and learning that special something that makes YOU come alive – THAT is the effective, life-shaping ingredient that makes Project Space different from any other program.




Hopefully by now you seeing that Project Space ISN’T just a project-based ‘To Do List’, but a well thought out coaching process to unlock the passions, interests and delights of your child in a way that brings you together in a common goal.

Project Space CAN be done one on one, but it's best when you have a small group of kids all getting together with a parent/mentor/facilitator to guide the process.

This module is the coaching playbook for that special leader.

Even if you never been a coach or run a small group before this module guides you through each step and you'll see huge shifts in productivity by implementing this simple framework each week.


  • It’s so easy to use. The complete facilitators guide OR item by item cheatsheets are right there on the platform for easy download.

  • Run your Project Space gatherings like a pro using the play by play “Meeting Moments”  framework.

  • Learn what is “Circle structure” – and why we use it.

  • Learn what is “Check in” – and why it matters.

  • Facilitate games and activities that will have your little crew in stitches but also build relationship, understanding and connection within your group.

  • Learn how to question and coach participants for better results.

  • Set up peer-based accountability so you don't have to chase or push kids for their work.

  • Learn the data driven feedback system to give non-judgmental appraisals and set up for non-critical improvement questions.

  • Discover and share key mindset principles that undergird success in parenting, business and – of course – project work.

  • Set clear learning and activity goals each week





Now it’s time to get down to business!

This is the moment you've both been waiting for, and if you followed step-by-step to this point, then the stage is set for easy wins and the project topic decision making process will flow easily, naturally and smoothly.


With the theme set - next you will choose your project structure.

You can choose from 3 different models; 2 Rich Tasks or 1 Free Task (don't worry I explain what each of these are in detail in the module)

Rich tasks are more structured and best for beginners while free tasks have bigger scope but are less structured. At this point you realise that you've got lifetime access to this program! And this 12-week learning journey ISN’T going to be the limit of what you can do – you can repeat it again and again for bigger better and bolder results every time.


  • Decision Time. Choose your project theme.

  • Learn about what are Rich Tasks and how do they work.

  • Learn what is a Free Project – why it's a great option plus somethings to watch out for.

  • We cover the important conversation of time management.

  • Your student/s will implement the term planning guides to effectively manage their activities.

  • And stay connected with the LIVE support systems to answer any questions that you might have

This module + The Facilitator’s Guide is ‘rinse and repeat’ – you will move through the next 4 or 5 weeks using the same clear framework – until we get to close to Showcase…





The most authentic way to measure or assess student’s achievement is not a grade or test-score – it's a real-life, public display of work.

A real-life event with your parents, your friend’s parents and possibly even people you haven't met before – coming to see the work that YOU DID – that is a motivating thought!

At the end of the day, Project Space is about creating learners who will become the successful adults, leaders and pioneers of the 21st century.

Showcase brings that out.


  • Time to think big – if you’re Project is just information only, it’s time to add your ‘wow-factor’ Your child will learn to think like a presenter instead of just a consumer of information.

  • You be given everything you need to budget, plan and host a successful Showcase event to display the hard-work you and your crew have done.

  • Templates galore! Guest list ideas. Food ideas. Technical considerations. Invitation templates. Budgeting spreadsheet. And most importantly the Showcase Runsheet.

  • Celebrate! The Showcase is such a rewarding experience. Built on the previous modules and all their hard-work – now everything is on display. Students are set up for success and they walk away with a self-esteem and confidence that can ONLY be built through this sort of test




Wow! What an amazing ride!

12 weeks of fun, learning, hard-work and genuine growth in all the ways that matter. The final week – Reflection & Celebration is a simple but structured process that ensures that the joy, breakthroughs and even the lessons learned from mistakes made are all embedded in long-term memory.

Students walk away with a confident knowing that they can do whatever they set their minds to because they have pulled this off.

That is a lesson that no classroom teacher can deliver.

It’s a one-off conversation that can ONLY be had in the aftermath of a Project Space adventure. No one else understands.


  • Coaching Questions – what is growth and why does it matter more than knowledge?

  • Students reflect on the Project Space journey through an insightful journaling process.

  • Students distil the key learning moments and capture their adventures in a creative scrapbook or portfolio that can be reflected on for encouragement and smiles at any time in the future…




THREE awesome project ideas to see what's possible

Catch up on my last 5 years of experience developing, delivering and refining the Project Space model in this specially curated bonus file.

Real projects, done by real kids – just like yours!

You will see the powerful effect that personalised project-based coaching has to achieve incredible results and you will get inspired and energised to do the same.


  • Tiny House Project by Levi.  A 14-year-old boy, passionate about architecture designs his own tiny house. His presentation includes a 3D virtual walkthrough model, floor plans and a detailed, scale physical model with detachable roof.

  • Chess Tournament by Emmalia. A 13-year-old girl, who loves the thrill of chess, decides to share her passion by planning and facilitating a two-phase Blitz Tournament. Phase 1 was a round-robin. Phase 2 – the Knockout Rounds. She did everything from hiring the venue through to running the snack bar.

  • Eco-Crusade T-shirt Printing Project by Nina. A 12-year-old girl, who is passionate about the environment decided to buy a second-hand shirts, create a nature based print and sell them to raise money to campaign against clear-fell logging in her local area. She participated in environmental rallies and raised hundreds of dollars for her cause.

The Get Inspired Guide is a carefully curated guide, custom designed to boost your ‘possibility thinking’ and is valued at: $397




This stand-alone course is the perfect compliment to passion-based learning. Now not only will you have a framework to coach your child through their project based learning journey and all the soft skills that this develops – you’ll also be able to participate in this family friendly mindset training program to improve attitude, outlook, perspective, motivation and much, much more.


  • The Positioned Mind – in this module your child will learn the 5 perceptual positions and how to use them to improve communication, relationships and understanding bigger picture concepts.

  • The Happy Mind – learn evidence-based positive psychology findings that can transform your experience of success in a high-stress world.

  • The Growth-Focussed Mind – arguable one of the most powerful mindset discoveries of the 21st century. Learn how to have simple conversations with yourself and radically shift your attitude to intelligence and success.

  • The Optimised Mind – some of the best mindset hacks available to science and used regularly by professional coaches, athletes and academics to super-charge their abilities.

  • The Call – no more science, no more how-tos – just focussed coaching questions to get clear on what you are here to do. Develop your purpose-driven mindset

I’m soooo excited to offer this course as a part of the Project Space bundle! It’s SUCH a good fit and it’s definitely going to maximise your results!  
It normally sells on its own for: $197




This is a whole new level of support.

Imagine having your own personal coach showing up each week to answer ANY questions that you have about the Project Space course?

Then, add on top of that, an inspired, creative bunch of parents and educators all with a rich variety of skills and experience, gathered together in one place ready to support you, give ideas, to understand when you are facing struggles and to cheer you on when you share your breakthroughs.

THAT is the quality of people we have gathered inside the Private Project Space Facebook community. Starting week 3, I go LIVE each week answering any questions that are on your mind so you are never left alone or unsure in this whole process.


  • Never feel lost or unsure. Tune into the weekly Facebook Live Q&A sessions and have all your questions answered.

  • Connect with beautiful, inspired parents like you who are committed to providing the best possible learning experience for their child and/or Project Space group.

  • Hear from complete beginners all the way through to people who have been doing project work for years. There all there and ready to support each other.

This kind of so valuable and such an important ingredient for success in the Project Space experience. I would value this in the thousands given the rich pool of talented parents and past students available, but let’s just count my time only
Valued at $550 for 5 sessions.


I am SO confident in this program.
I’ve gotta tell you...


Project Space is the most comprehensive, step-by-step coaching program to equip you to confidently deliver a personalised learning experience that aligns exactly with what your child loves AND empowers them with the mindset and skills to be successful in the challenging work-world of tomorrow.

With our 21 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, you get access to the first 4 Modules before you even have to make a final commitment!

  • Getting Started
  • Who Do You Think You Are
  • The Facilitators Guidebook
  • And Planning the Project

IF at that point, you still aren’t absolutely convinced that your child has gained a deeper, richer understanding of themselves that motivates and empowers them and you don’t feel totally confident that you have all the resources you need to run fun, engaging Project Space sessions – then simply reach out, show me that you’ve put in the effort and I’ll completely refund the investment you’ve made. Full details here >>

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

FULL ACCESS to the Project Space Platform
A complete coaching program that will connect your child with their ‘why’ to learn and show you how to guide them step by step as they create an authentic project – something they can both be proud of and an experience that will transform their self esteem 
Value? - Priceless?
Probably - but let's say $997

  • BONUS 1 - The Get Inspired Guide: in this bonus you’ll see what other kids – just like yours, without any special background, extra training or resources have been able to achieve. These 3 stories will inspire and motivate your child and open their mind to what they might be able to achieve - $397 value
  • Bonus 2 - The Full Dangerous Minds Course: this is a complete mindset training course that we sell to schools who want to maximise the full potential of their students. It dovetails beautifully with the Project Space coaching framework. You can buy it separately or get it free as a bonus today - $197 value
  • Bonus 3 - 5 LIVE weekly Q&A sessions plus membership in the Private Project Space Facebook Group: This is as close to one on one coaching as you can get. Any question. Any issue. NOTHING will stop you from achieving success with this level of support - $550 value

When you add it all up,
that’s $2,141 worth of courses and support

But when you enroll today,
you’ll get access to everything for just:

Pay Monthly

3 Monthly Payments of




Pay Upfront

1 Payment of



The questions our most successful parents asked before they enrolled in Project Space

The Project Space framework will require you to watch short videos and do activities as you work through each module.

The videos are about 4 hours of content – but remember you watch these over the course of 12 weeks and they are designed to CREATE time for you because once you have watched the video and taught the lesson, you are empowering your child to become an independent learner – think of all the time you spend now just trying to get your child motivated! That will be time freed up for you to spend quality time with your child (OR get some much needed me-time to recharge and show up in a much better way)

Project work will require your child to have AT LEAST 4 hours to dedicate to the project each week – this is NOT time that you need to be available – this is time that THEY spend working on their own, getting their self-directed tasks done.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

Project Space is a unique PBL experience. It’s not just about choosing a project and working on that – it’s so much more than holistic learning. Project Space is a COMPLETE COACHING FRAMEWORK that blends life-coaching and mindset training together with passion-based project work. Project Space does more than just overcome your child’s resistance to learning – it shows YOU how to be the coach and to develop an attitude that sets your child up for success for years into the future. Reading a book on PBL is NOT going to help you achieve this.

They all come differently.

The first bonus – the Get Inspired Guide is a pdf document that will be emailed to you shortly after enrolment. It’s a great document to go through with your child to build excitement before you dive into the course.

The second bonus – Dangerous Minds course will be automatically added as a part of your course library alongside Project Space as soon as you enrol. The DM modules are released regularly over the first 40 days. Remember you get LIFETIME access to both the courses so you don’t have to tackle both together if you don’t want to – there is plenty of time to come back to Dangerous Minds if you want to keep it simple first time round.

And finally, the live coaching and support. As soon as you enrol you’ll get an email inviting you to join the Private Facebook group – I recommend you jump in and introduce yourself ASAP to get the maximum benefit. The LIVE Q&A sessions start in Week 3 and you’ll receive several of email reminders as these are coming up. Recorded versions will also be made available inside the Project Space platform if you miss the live-stream.

Within the first 21 days we release 4 of the 6 modules – these are:

  • Getting Started
  • Who Do You Think You Are?
  • Facilitators Guide
  • Planning the Project

This is ALL the foundational modules and PLENTY of information and guidance for you to know if Project Space is right for you. The only ones you won’t see in those first 21 days are: Planning the Showcase and Reflection and Celebrations –you’ll only need these once you’re 100% committed and moving toward the Showcase presentation.

Sure. When you sign up today you get the full Project Space course – 6 modules including video lessons, downloads, worksheets, guides – everything you need to complete the Project Space course over the next 12 weeks.

You’ll get the Get Inspired Guide – 3 inspiring stories of ordinary kids that achieved extra ordinary results.

You get free access to the Dangerous Minds course – a course we sell on its own to schools and families – a course designed to help your whole family develop a happy, positive, positioned and growth focussed mind – a mind READY for success!

AND you get the closest thing possible to one on one personal coaching – a Private community where we do weekly live Q&A. You will get support from the Project Space team but also other parents just getting started and all the same questions you likely will have. Ask any question you like – the answers will never be far away.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

FULL ACCESS to the Project Space Platform  
$997 value

  • BONUS 1 - The Get Inspired Guide:  - $397 value
  • Bonus 2 - The Full Dangerous Minds Course:  - $197 value
  • Bonus 3 - 5 LIVE weekly Q&A sessions + membership in the Private Project Space Facebook Group:  - $550 value

That’s $2,141 worth of courses and support...

But when you enroll today, 
you’ll get access to everything for just:

Pay Monthly

3 Monthly Payments of




Pay Upfront

1 Payment of




You are ready for the Project Space adventure if...

  1. You are just getting started on your project-based learning journey and you want to make sure that you get it right the first time using a complete, proven framework that doesn’t leave you guessing about what’s next.
  2. OR you have tried project-based learning before, but it isn’t working out as you’d hoped. Your child didn’t get that excited and the journey took too many unexpected twists and turns that burst both your motivation bubbles.
  3. You already KNOW that the mainstream, mundane, cookie-cutter learning experiences are NOT going to cut it for your child. Firstly, because you’ve seen that old-school approach fail repeatedly in the past, and second – because you believe your child deserves more than just ‘chalk & talk’.
  4. You have no problem investing a couple hours each week to support and guide your child on the Project Space journey – knowing that it’s making a positive difference in the way they approach education and the type of adult they are going to turn out to be.
  5. In fact, you’re already spending AT LEAST this amount of time monitoring, coaxing, goading, hassling, encouraging and pleading with your child to engage in their learning – all the things you’ve been told a conscientious, loving parent “should” be doing. Only problem is, without an interest-based coaching framework to guide them through this journey, you end up feeling like you’re beating your head against a brick wall and wondering “why do I even bother!”
  6. You care about what’s working NOW to prepare kids to be successful in the workforce and not what worked in 1905 – and you are smart enough to realise that just giving kids access to more “technology” is not the answer and can in fact be a destructive pattern that is hard to break.
  7. You’re aware of the potential energy, enthusiasm and curiosity that is locked up inside your child and the potential impact that a big-win will have on their self-esteem.
  8. You’re ready for this breakthrough experience.
  9. You’re excited to try the interest-based coaching approach found in the Project Space framework. Even if you’ve been off-track and felt lost and unsure in other programs, you’re feeling a wave of renewed optimism knowing that in the next 24 hours you can be jumping into a step-by-step, easy to follow process to walk you through the Project Space adventure.
  10. You feel confident grabbing your access details knowing you have a full 21 days to put it to the test. It’s really simple – you jump in and get started and work through the modules, doing the activities along the way and feel confident and excited about what you have now started to achieve OR you shoot me a quick email to ask me to hit “undo” on this whole passion based learning adventure.

Are you nodding your head?

If you said “YES” to at least SIX of the criteria above, then I can’t wait to meet you inside the Project Space course platform.


When you enroll today, you get:

FULL ACCESS to the Project Space Platform
A complete coaching program that will connect your child with their ‘why’ to learn and show you how to guide them step by step as they create an authentic project – something they can both be proud of and an experience that will transform their self esteem  
$997 value

  • BONUS 1 - The Get Inspired Guide: in this bonus you’ll see what other kids – just like yours, without any special background, extra training or resources have been able to achieve. These 3 stories will inspire and motivate your child and open their mind to what they might be able to achieve - $397 value
  • Bonus 2 - The Full Dangerous Minds Course: this is a complete mindset training course that we sell to schools who want to maximise the full potential of their students. It dovetails beautifully with the Project Space coaching framework. You can buy it separately or get it free as a bonus today - $197 value
  • Bonus 3 - 5 LIVE weekly Q&A sessions plus membership in the Private Project Space Facebook Group: This is as close to one on one coaching as you can get. Any question. Any issue. NOTHING will stop you from achieving success with this level of support - $550 value

$2,141 worth of courses and support

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